How it works

  • We accept Men’s and Women’s clothing, shoes and accessories that are clean, within a couple of years old, in style with recognizable labels, and ready for sale. No appointment needed.
  • We require a minimum of $100 resale value each time you bring clothes in.
  • Consignments are held for 60 days. Unsold items are marked down 25% after 30 days.
  • Checks are mailed out on the 10th of each month for items sold the previous month.
  • You receive 50% of the selling price. On items priced $500 or more, you receive 70% of the selling price.
  • If you’re in a hurry, just drop and run.
  • We make housecalls for large closets. Call to see if your clothes, shoes, and accessories qualify for a Goodbye’s house call.


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